* Asia Tropical forestry Network [#e5305a5e]

COLOR(#993333){Interdisciplinary and Transnational Networking for Education and Research on Adaptive Management of Tropical Forestry in Asia} 

-[[Directors and Partners]]

**Objectives [#bfedf21e]

Deforestation and degradation of Asian tropical forests are widely recognized as critical global environmental problems. To solve these problems, sustainable forest management is essential. There are three main management systems in tropical forestry; 1) commercial selective-logging forestry in natural forests, 2) community-based forestry (agroforestry), and 3) plantation forestry of fast growing species. There have been many activities and projects on these management systems. However, the problem that we are looking at in this P&P is that there has been dearth of monitoring and assessments of forestry impacts on multi-aspects; natural and socioeconomic environments including forest condition, biodiversity, soil and water, local economics, livelihood, poverty. 
-[[COLOR(#993333){Activities by individual members 2006-}>Field activity]]

Recently, °»adaptive management°… is becoming an important concept for any ecosystem management. Adaptive management is to ensure the circle of °»Plan-Do-Check-Action°… for continuous improvements of management methods. In tropical forestry, there have been so many °»Plan-Do°… activities of selective logging, community forestry and plantation forestry, but there have been little °»Check-Action°…, which are monitoring and assessment of multiple impacts of forestry, by which the management methods and policy are continuously improved.
-[[Asia Forest Workshop 2006 Fukuoka, Japan>AFW2006]]
-[[Asia Forest Workshop 2008 Phnom Penh, Cambodia (Planned; 14-16 November 2008)>AFW2008]]

In this situation, our objective of this P&P is to make strategies and prototypes of adaptive management in Asian tropical forests, based on strengthening and stimulating interdisciplinary and transnational networking and discussion on multiple impacts of tropical forestry. To achieve this objective, there are two main approaches:
(1) to carry out monitoring and assessments of multiple impacts of forestry in Asian countries and core research sites in Cambodia. 
(2) to hold °»Asia Forest Workshop°… to strengthening interdisciplinary and transnational discussion on adaptive management based on field surveys of multiple impacts of forestry. 

**Members [#d2a2bd49]

Director: Prof. Dr. Shigejiro Yoshida, Faculty of Agriculture. Kyushu University

Main Partners: Forestry Administration in Cambodia, JICA Cambodia Office, Kyushu University

**Workshop(Planned) [#d2a2bd49]

---The 1st International Workshop on Multiple Impacts of Tropical Forestry---
Planned Date: 13 (Mon.) November 2006 - 16 (Thurs.) November 2006
Place: Kyushu University, Japan

**Field work [#d2a2bd49]

**Sponsers [#bfedf21e]

Kyushu University Interdisciplinary Programs in Education and Projects in Research Development (P&P): 2006-2008.

Grant-in Aid for Scientific Research (A) (No:18255009) by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: 2006-2009

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