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14/Feb/2007 to 14/March/2007 in Cambodia (Planned)

  • Preparation for field works on assessing effectiveness of community forestry in Cambodia
  • Interview for 208 households
  • Inventory for 16 plots

12/Dec/2006 to 07/Jan/2007 in Cambodia

To conduct the research smoothly, the pre- survey is necessary. Thus, from 12/28/2006 to 01/07/2007, I returned to Cambodia to collect some secondary data concerning the target sites of my research. During stay in Cambodia, I met key officials undertaking Community Forestry activities to interview in order to collect some information of Phum Beoung Kok Community Forestry and Svey Barkave Community Forestry such as background of Community Forestry establishment, forest condition, forest map, internal regulations, and other data of theses Community Forestry. Meanwhile, some stakeholders, Community Forestry facilitators, were interviewed to more understand about activities of Community Forestry. Also, a field group was organized to collect primary data for the next field survey and forest inventory.

As a result, these secondary data collected are very useful for preparing the field survey and writing up literature review; therefore, I would like to start collecting primary data, the field survey, in middle February because this month is dry season and farmers are free from farming.


Interview Officer of Community Forestry Office, Forestry Administration


Interview Community Forestry stakeholders, Community Forestry facilitators

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