Asia Forest Workshop 2008 Phnom Penh, Cambodia

(The following information is not yet fixed)

  • Date: 14(Friday) to 16(Sunday) November 2008 (not fixed)
  • Place: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Co-organizer:
    • Forestry Administration (FA), Cambodia
    • General Directorate of Rubber Plantation (GDRP), Cambodia
    • Cambodia Development Resource Institute (CDRI)
    • Kyushu University (KU) (P&P)
  • Co-chairpersons
    • H.E. Ty Sokhun, Head of Forestry Adminitration
    • Prof. Shigejiro Yoshida, Kyushu University
  • Secretary General
    • Dr. Sokh Heng (FA)
    • Dr. Top Neth (CDRI)
    • Mr. Khun Kakada (GDRP)
    • Dr. Nobuya Mizoue (KU)

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